Bindis and stuff…

Lately, I am seeing a lot of bindis on Tumblr and other websites like and on some celebrities. I have to say I love that fad, and I really want some myself. I am strongly considering looking on Amazon for some. I am not Hindu…I don’t practice any religion but I am somewhat spiritual but more on the self-realization reaching a higher consciousness level. I like occult things. Bindis are not occult but I just really am digging the fad. 

I am going on week 2 of having my turquoise hair and have shampooed it twice. The color is holding amazingly well. Maybe because I shampoo and conditioner in only cold water (which kind of sucks in the winter time by the way) and I am using left overs of the color mixed with conditioner as a conditioner, or maybe because I bought the Amplified color…either way the color is still vibrant after two washes and is still beautiful. I went out to eat last night and my husband said everyone was staring at me. Mission: successful.

I love standing out.