Love is Law.

I don't get it.

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white people: *force their hair to be matted to form what they think are dreadlocks so they can feel ~one with nature~ and go through some bullshit spiritual hippie phase, probably appropriating other cultures too*

black people: *manage to have their…

"Dreadlocks are just a way for us to maintain our natural hair in a manageable way, while many white people do it for a different reason"
Yeah right! As if no black person does it because it looks cool or because they were fans of Bob Marley. Many black folks get dreads for the same exact reasons white people do.

"White people just have to take out their dreadlocks to not be seen as unprofessional, while black people’s hair are always seen as unprofessional unless it is relaxed. (-:"

Whites who want to be professional generally have to cut it short as well. Most professional black men do not have relaxed hair but short hair. Not that it has anything to do with the dreadlock debate.

Nanana-nanana-nanana-NAP TIME!

Not getting to leave here as soon as I thought but already resigned from my job. Using this short amount of time between having my guitar and soon not having my guitar for a very long time for a songwriter to be without one.



It wasn’t until I got a tumblr that I realized how important spideypool was…


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