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Anonymous asked: Interesting post comparing Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy, it is clear that Eddy has a severe personality disorder (socio/psychopathic in nature). However, omitting the fact that Eddy and Shoaf were involved in a down-low lesbian relationship is a flaw in your analysis, as is the fact that you mistakenly state that Shelia was pregnant when said video clearly shows her shoving something up her top to prank about (a male classmate is doing the same). She did have a very "off" sense of humor, though.


Shelia Eddy states on one social network that she was pregnant, and in the video you refer to she isn’t stuffing anything in her shirt, but she may have been just bloated; that post and video were what led me to believe she was actually pregnant. The lesbian relationship is all heresy so we can not use that as evidence into a mental disorder.

Angelina Jolie photographed by Araldo di Crollalanza in 1994

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The Sad and Disturbing Case of Skylar Neese

Alright. So as most of you probably already know, Skylar Neese was a 16 year old girl murdered by her two best friends, Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf. This whole case has intrigued me to the point where I have bought the book, read through ALL of both Eddy and Neese’s twitter accounts, and have beginning to personal research into the clinical definition of a psychopath, i.e. psychopathy. 

As I am studying this case and the clinical diagnosis of psychopathy I am getting pulled into the case of Shelia Eddy more and more. Please note I am not a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist, I am simply a person who loves to continue to find topics to be educated on. The topic of mental health and the deceased have been two topics that continuously spark my attention and imagination.

That said, I would like to talk about a few things. I will start with the major differences between Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf. 

1. Rachel Shoaf showed remorse, emotion, empathy, and acknowledged that she was one of the people who brutally murdered Skylar Neese. She does not in any way qualify (according to the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised). There is a list of 20 things that are rated on a scale 0-2, 2  being the highest score, 0 being that it is not present in the subject, and 1 is it present but only somewhat in the subject. 

Shoaf would score lowly on the Hare checklist for many reasons. Although her relationship with her mother was rocky, she still maintained positive long term relationships in other aspects of her life. She had long term goals in which she was attempting to achieve. A psychopath will create unrealistic short term and long term goals but never actually do anything to reach them. Rachel does not fit this criteria because she maintained good grades and continued to participate in the high school drama club. Rachel was the first to confess because it was eating away at her conscious. Rachel was very trusting of other people in her life, namely…Shelia Eddy. 

Shelia Eddy may, in the future meet the clinical diagnosis of psychopath for the following reasons:

1. She was very manipulative (she convinced a girl to murder another person because she just didn’t want to be friends anymore)

2. She showed no remorse for her actions and while she pleaded guilty to the murder of Skylar Neese, she continues to deny (through letters to her cousin and current BFF) that she did not murder Skylar Neese.

3. She shows a lack of empathy to her friends and family. (while Rachel broke down on the phone crying with her mother, Shelia had a look of disgust and ignored her hurting friend)

4. She maintained a superficial charm especially after the murder of Skylar Neese (though one can not ONLY look at this AFTER the murder, one has to also observe her life before)…many people said they just simply had a bad feeling about her. Most psychopaths present a charming personality but people feel “just not right” around them. 

HOWEVER, Shelia Eddy can not be clinically diagnosed as a psychopath until most offenses are repeated time and time again. Since this is her first “offense” one can not clinically diagnose Shelia Eddy as a bonafide psychopath. 

Something, though, in my gut tells me that she is clinically a psychopath, and for that I actually have some sort of sympathy for her because part of me knows/thinks she really doesn’t think she did anything wrong (another trait of a psychopath: if you upset them you should suffer)

In order to be diagnosed a psychopath, one must show repetition in their behavior and at this point we, and no doctor, can conclude either girl are actually psychopaths. 

Also, something else that has been bothering me about Shelia Eddy is her pregnancy. A video was released where she is CLEARLY pregnant (she says “I will shoot my baby if it looks like Hunter” in the video and does a pow pow to her belly…yet another trait of a psychopath…no connection to their children) WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BABY!?

Did she miscarry? Did she put said baby up for adoption? 

Shelia Eddy manipulated Rachel Shoaf but Shoaf had too much of a conscience to continue the lie. Had Rachel never confessed, Shelia would have NEVER plead guilty. Shelia Eddy is a girl who needs serious psychological evaluation, and while her crime was brutal and unforgivable, there is a part of her that probably doesn’t even know it actually happened and she only plead guilty because her lawyer told her to. 

Just something to consider when you throw around the term “psychopath” about Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf.

Can we just talk about the fact that it is a huge possibility I will be back in California in like 4 months?! I am so fucking excited to do be back in the promise land!!  Okay so maybe my heart is actually in San Francisco and I will be like on the border of Mexico and Cali but I grew up in Texas, and have lived in Sicily so I really don’t think I will have too many issues communicating. 

Aside from any negative thoughts though everyone tells me I am going to SHINE in San Diego with my music, and honestly it’s all I have ever dreamed of to book shows and play for people so I really hope I can get some more material (I have an albums worth of songs already) and just get out there. I know I will have to be away from my son a lot with work and then music but i can’t stop living my life because I had a kid, and for a while that’s what I thought I had to do. It’s not about drugs or booze or partying or anything like that at all. It’s about that my passion is music and writing songs that people can relate to and enjoy at the same time and if I do not pursue my dreams I am teaching my son that life is over when you’re an adult and a parent…just like my parents taught me; but I always told them “that won’t be me” and I want to raise my son teaching him he can be what ever the fuck he wants, he just has to try hard and persevere. 

So that said…any of my lovely followers in or around the San Diego area that maybe want to meet once I am there and show me around!? You need to at least be 18 but preferably over 21 because I really don’t want to deal with parents. I am 26 years old, I can’t hang with you if you are 15…sorry. 

It really annoys me when I download a new app (free or not) and then it doesn’t even do what the description says!

Wow. Apparently going to bed is torture for my son as he is screaming and crying as if it is. 

Don’t judge me. He is a year and a half and I have gone up there twice to console him. 

He  gets quiet and then tries hollering again. He’s fucking exhausted I can see it in his face but the little shit just hollers away and right now I am about to lose my fucking mind, because I love him so much but for fuck sake!! GO TO SLEEP!!

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