Love is Law.

I don't get it.

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I smell trouble brewing

The pope is just so fucking chill I love it

"Gays? Sure, that Catholic Church is open to everyone"

"Aliens? Sure, the Catholic Church is open to everyone"

Modern pope for the modern world.

Would he come to my alien wife’s new space ship and bless it

The Pope is most likely a gay Catholic alien from a far better society than the one we live in.

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Behold, Jabba as the cast of Bob’s Burgers. The resemblance is uncanny of course. What can I say, the cat can act!

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Anonymous asked: Interesting post comparing Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy, it is clear that Eddy has a severe personality disorder (socio/psychopathic in nature). However, omitting the fact that Eddy and Shoaf were involved in a down-low lesbian relationship is a flaw in your analysis, as is the fact that you mistakenly state that Shelia was pregnant when said video clearly shows her shoving something up her top to prank about (a male classmate is doing the same). She did have a very "off" sense of humor, though.


Shelia Eddy states on one social network that she was pregnant, and in the video you refer to she isn’t stuffing anything in her shirt, but she may have been just bloated; that post and video were what led me to believe she was actually pregnant. The lesbian relationship is all heresy so we can not use that as evidence into a mental disorder.

Angelina Jolie photographed by Araldo di Crollalanza in 1994

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