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*gets absolutely nothing done* well time for a break

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So my phone broke. After 3 years of keeping my iPhone from falling victim to broken screens and all that, it receives death by water damage. I am really sad about this, I really loved that phone. It was the best phone I have ever had, and I am not even joking about that. Okay so maybe my sprint LG green phone with the sliding key board was pretty awesome, too, but since it’s not a sim card phone I can’t use it. :( And since Italy doesn’t have a Sprint, another reason I can’t use it.

I am also currently having withdrawals from fucking zoloft because my ever so loving husband who only cares about himself and what he wants to do, wouldn’t get my medicine for me now 4 days in a fucking row! I don’t have a car so I can’t go and I was working last week, I asked him Thursday and Friday and he said he was “too busy” I asked him yesterday ….”too busy”…well after 2 days of not having zoloft at the levels that I have to take it, the brain begins to freak the fuck out beginning with becoming overly tired and this dizzy and confused feeling enters right behind the eyes, causing me to not be able to drive safely. After 4 days the body begins to writhe in its skin and nausea, headaches, body aches, chills and feverish feelings begin to set in. Then you cry for no reason because you feel angry and sad and confused and you feel like your brain is on fire or something so all you can do is cry or scream. Then your stomach really begins to betray you as everything you eat comes right the fuck back up or causes excruciating cramps like you have gas or you are being stabbed in the gut. And that’s where I am at right now as I write this. My entire body aches, my stomach has this pain that I might have to go to the hospital for if it doesn’t ease up soon, and I have a “husband” who is nothing more than a goddamn room mate upstairs in his room he designated for himself so he can avoid his responsibilities playing video games while I writhe on the couch. Alone. 

California can not get here soon enough, I can not wait to be away from him and once I am, I am taking my son and my animals and we are getting the fuck away from him.

Last night was one of the strangest nights I have had in quite a long time. The night started out normal enough with all the regular people hanging out, but then these new people showed up and these two 19 year old girls were there and wouldn’t get off their phones or stand up and try to socialize or anything! I tried to talk to them but they were so closed off to talking to anyone but each other, which is fine, really, except that after they left more than one person, including myself had stuff come up missing. Packs of cigarettes went missing and my phone and my friend’s phone ended up in water somehow. I wasn’t that drunk to just misplace my phone and I had it on me pretty much at all times in case my husband needed to call me. Somehow my phone was in a pot of water under the bench the girls were sitting in all night! 

So now my phone is fucked, and currently sitting in a cup of ice with the prayer that it will start working again. :(


Luna that means someone is selling drugs there

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where the fuck is the bartender

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